How to Unlock

  • Play 360 Matches.
  • Beat Classic Mode with John on Hard or higher difficulty without getting a game over.



A pill house appears out of nowhere, but suddely an explosion occurs and Dr. John bursts from the blast.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Pill Buster

John picks from his left pocket and throws a straight forward pill. The longer you hold the button, the stronger and bigger it gets, the player can move and jump while charging. Also, if you do aerial shots, you can only fire either a small pill or a bigger Pill. There are four stages of charge depending on how long the button is held down for:

Stage Damage
1 6%
2 11%
3 14%


5 37%

Unlike John's X-Buster, the Pill Buster can absorb any attack, but there's a 1/10 chance that will be dropped from the ground and become a healing item (Small pills restores 5%, medium pills restores 15%, and big pills restores 30% of heath).

Side B - Medical Kick

Dr. John peformes a jumping straight forward multi-hit kick, while his leg shocks. It provides less horizontal distance than John's Dragon Kick. But it cannot press the B button again.

Up B - Jetpack

Dr. John equips with a jetpack. You can control the jetpack in 4 directions with the control stick (Up, down, left, and right). The move lasts for 7 seconds, longer than John's.

Down B - Hospital Twister

Dr. John spins around like a tornado with his outstretched fists, before finishing with a full-body stretch to bash opponents at the end. It is a multi-hit attack, and the last hit can meteor smash. By pressing the Special Attack button rapidly, Dr. John would rise up in the air slightly and give him a slight recovery chance.

Final Smash - Final Exam

Dr. John rushes to his opponent, if it connects, he will start doing a combination of punches and kicks, the opponent gets stunned, Dr. John adjusts his tie and his clothes before finishing off with a multi-hitting rising uppercut.





Screen KOSFX:


Up: Dr. John spin, and points at the opponent, saying "You will be defeated by medicine!"

Sd: Dr. John brings a pill, tosses upwards, then catches it and places back to his left pocket.

Dn: Dr. John Pats his shoulder with his fist.

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: Brings his stethoscope, and holds.

Victory 2: Dr. John looks to the camera with his left hand on his back and stroking his chin with his right hand.

Victory 3: Dr. John throws a pill upwards, then catches it and points at the camera, shouting "The doctor is in!"

Lose/Clap: Dr. John claps to the winner.

Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose

Congratulations/Game Over Pictures

Character Description

Dr. John is simply John in a doctor's uniform who works on the hospital for 13 years before retiring. He fights evil viruses inside on a hospital, equipped with hospital gadgets that can help him defeat the evil Virus Boss. Not much about this character, but he's called "Hero of Medicine" by Doctors.

Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • AAA Combo- Flash Punch Combo: Is alot slower, and long lag, but stronger than John's.
  • Dash Attack- Medical Slide

Tilt Attacks

  • Side- Knee Exam: It does not leap unlike John's Cyborg Knee. But it has a sweetspot on the knee.
  • Up- Dr. Uppercut
  • Down- Surgeon Sweep


  • Side- Hospital Road: Rides an ambulance, which has less range, but deals more damage.
  • Up- Shoryuken
  • Down- Seismic Hammer


  • N-Air - Force Exam
  • F-Air - Dr. Drop, MD
  • B-Air - Surgical Spin: Spins three times, instead of twice. Which makes it even worse, but is alot stronger.
  • U-Air - Wheel Cut: It uses a hospital slicer instead of a lightsaber, which is weak and has less hitbox range. Also deals a singel hit, but it has more knockback.
  • D-Air - Bone Dive: Has longer start-up, but it deals multiple hits.

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- Point at
  • Pummel- Body Exam: Pummels to the stomach.
  • Forward- Syringe Shot: The throw deals the same damage, but the syringe deals less than the gun.
  • Back- Spine Test: He peforms a suplex before throws backwards, which makes it weaker.
  • Up- Stethoscope beat: Uses his stethoscopes instead of punches. It has higher knockback at the end.
  • Down- Hospital Bed: Dr. John slams the opponent to the ground.


  • Ledge attack: Power Punch
  • 100% ledge attack: Quick Punch
  • Front attack: Rapid Test
  • Back attack: Bicycle Kick
  • Trip attack: Circle Exam

Pros & Cons



Differences from John

  • Buff Dr. John is overall stronger than John, having higher damage percents on moves such as up tilt, up smash, back aerial, up aerial, forward tilt and all throws.
  • Nerf Dr. John is overall slower than John
  • Nerf His first jump does not jump as high as John.
    • Buff But his second jump is much higher.
  • Buff Up, back, and forward throws do 1% more damage.
  • Buff Dr. John's Final Exam deals more damage than Final Nerd.
  • Buff Dr. John's Pill Buster is much stronger than John's X-Buster, which deals 2% more damage.
    • Notice But it throws pills from his left pocket instead of a buster shot from his arm cannon.
    • Nerf However, they move slower than John's buster shots. It also has more start-up lag.
  • Nerf Dr. John's Medical Kick has less horizontal range, and is weaker than John's Dragon Kick. But cannot execute into an uppercut.
    • Buff However, it has multi-hitting properties, dealing more knockback.
    • Notice But its an electric attack, instead of a flame attack.
  • Nerf Dr. John's Jetpack can only control in 4 directions than John's Jetpack.
    • Buff Overall, it has stronger distance.
  • Nerf Some of his attacks deals less damage.
    • Buff They are sped up however.
  • Notice Dr. John has Hospital Twister as his newest down special, rather than Reverser Kick.
    • Buff It gaves Dr. John a new vertical recovery option, and has high knockback.
    • Nerf But is slower, and deals less damage.
  • Notice Dr. John has a different down throw, which is similar to Mario's.
    • Buff It is much stronger and quicker than John's Dino Drop.
  • Notice Dr. John's victory poses and taunts are different.
  • Notice Dr. John's idle poses are different.
  • Notice Dr. John's shield is resistant than John's.


John's Glasses

Victory Music

Victory theme as X - Mega Man X6

Kirby Hat

Dr. John's hair and stethoscope.

Exclusive stickers

These stickers can be used by only Dr. John or a select few including Dr. John:

  • Dr. Robo: [Arm] Attack +19
  • Nurse Rosie: [Energy] Attack +11
  • Special Pill: [Arm], [Leg] Attack +22
  • Virus: Launch Resistance +15
  • Nasty Virus: [Throwing] Attack +12
  • Bacteria Thief: [Spin] Attack +8
  • Virus Boss: Shield Recovery +10




Wiimote Sound


Classic Mode


Easter Eggs

Snake Codec


Daily Buglin'


Palutena's Guidance


Role In SSE



Colors & Costumes

Color Origin/Description Image
Default Black
Dr. John
Second Red John's pallete swap from the original game.
Dr. John Red
Third Green John's pallete swap from the original game, abeit brighter. It is also worn by Dr. Robo.
Dr. John Green
Fourth Blue Resembles John's default appearance
Dr. John Blue
Fifth Yellow John's pallete swap from the original game.
Dr. John Yellow
Sixth Cyan Resembles Bizarro John from the Bizarro!!! remake of The John Show
Dr. John Cyan
Seventh White Has the colors of Dr. Mario in the Super Smash Bros. series.
Dr. John White
Eighth White Resembles Nurse Rosie.
Dr. John Pink
Ninth Grey Resembles Gregory House from Dr. House. Dr. John Grey
Alternate Costume 1 Light Blue Wears a scrub worn by morden doctors. It also resembles J.D. from Scrubs.
Dr. John Light Blue
Alternate Costume 2 Light Green Wears a scrub worn by morden surgeons. It also resembles Christopher Tunk from Scrubs.
Dr. John Light Green


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