Waking up

Garfielf appears out of his bed.

Special Moves

Neutral B: I'm gonna Tuskin Raid that Fridge

Garfielf will get inside a fridge. Opponents who hit the fridge might let out a Tuskin Raider and it will attack him/her. Garfielf will get out of the fridge after the Raider escapes. You have to wait 10 seconds to go in the fridge again. There's a change Garfielf will find some grub to heal him in the fridge.

Side B: That's our pet dog Odie

Garfielf will get ready to kick Oddie off the table. If he does, Oddie will act like a far away projectile. If he doesn't, Oddie will wander around the stage and stun opponents with his lod "BORF"

Up B: Jahn's Screaming

Jahn will appear and shout his pet cat's name in pure anger and frustration. This will startle Garfielf that he will get an upwards boost, But Garfielf gets 9% damage when he does the move.

Down B: Let's Get some Grub Goin'

Garfielf will say the line and then he will start chowing on some badly-drawn food. Sometimes he will throw the food for the opponents to enjoy. Here are his foods:

  • Three Cheese Pizzas
  • Taco Shells
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Lasaga/Lasagna

Keep in mind that the lasagna heals Garfield the most

Final Smash: It's time to kick the opponent off the table

Garfielf will smack the opponent with a newspaper so hard, that he/she will be transported into Garfielf's world, Where he/she is badly drawn. Garfielf will sneak up behind the opponent saying "It's time to kick "Opponent's Name" off the table..." Jahn will say "Don't do it Garfielf! That's the player's character, "Opponent's Name"" Garfielf will get ready to kick while saying "You're going into orbit you stupid foe!" Then Garfielf kicks the opponent, Resulting in an instant K.O. Garfielf will go back to the stage and continue the fight.

K.O. Sounds


KOSFX2: I am Disappoint

StarKOSFX: I hate alarm clocks

ScreenKOSFX: Ey!


Up: I eat. It's what I do

Side: Enough with the chit-chat

Down: I'm a cat who loves to snooze

Victory Options

Victory 1: I gotta have a good meal

Victory 2: All ya had to do was follow the Damn Train

Victory 3: *Sleeps*

Lose: (Belching face)

Other Attacks


Garfielf's head

Victory Theme

Garfield Caught in the Act - End Credits theme

Kirby Hat

Garfielf's ears and shitty looking features

Snake Codec

Snake: What the Hell? What happened to Garfield?

Otacon: Huh? 

Snake: He looks like a child's art project that dosn't want to be alive!

Otacon: Yeah....That'd be Garfielf. He's a Parody version of Garfield

Snake: So....Someone parodized the famous American cartoon cat

Otacon: Watch out when he Tuskin Raids the fridge. Who knows what'll be in there

Snake: Enough with the chit chat. Let's get back to the mission