Neutral B - The Caterpiller

You can press B, If She can Imaging about Caterpiller and Press down to release it. If you release it, it will either poison the opponent or make him/her slip.

Side B - Mikuru Beam

Like R.O.B.'s beam only you can keep doing it. However there's a bit of lag before she fires the lazer saying Mikuru beam charging it.

Up B - Spinning Kick

Konata does a leg spin and flies up, however, she can't go left or right but if you hold the B button, she will stay in the air spinning for as long as the player wants.

Down B - Drinking Milk

you can press down B, Konata will drink some milk, which will restore up to 25% heath.

Final Smash - Cheerleading Army

A bunch of cheerleaders appear on stage. Konata becomes one of them. Everytime one is touched, they recieve 10% damage. It ends with a final lunge from them all which is pretty powerful.


Down Taunt- Timotei

Side Taunt- I'm sorry

Up Taunt- Welcome to our cafe, Master.

Character Description

Role In The Subspace Emissary