Out of the Taxi

The Dude is driven in a taxi and is kicked out and onto the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - White Russian

The Dude makes himself a White Russian. While he holds the glass, he is reduced to walking speed and single jumps. Pressing A makes The Dude drink it. Anyone who hits him in the back or the stomach makes him spit out the White Russian, which then becomes a slip trap. Pressing B throws it, also becoming a slip trap upon hitting the ground. Either that or it becomes a spike trap. You then have to wait awhile before you can make another White Russian.

Side B - Gutterballs

The Dude gets in his outfit from that dream sequence, along with Maude appearing as The Dude winds up her arm to bowl the ball she has in her hand. You can hold down B to wind up her arm more, increasing the impact of the bowling ball, which can knock down opponents on lower platforms and make opponents ahead slip over the ball. As The Dude winds up Maude's arm, opponents are knocked away a bit by her arm. Press B again to replace the ball with The Dude, who flies forth nonstop until he either hits an opponent or you press A/B to cancel it.

Up B - Dream Flight

The Dude glides around in a wingless fashion. The control scheme is pretty basic. As he goes up, he slows down. And as he goes down, he speeds up. With enough speed, he becomes deadly to the touch. Any items thrown/projectiles shot at The Dude are grabbed. If the item/projectile is heavy like a bowling ball, The Dude falls down. You'll stop by that, crashing, losing all your speed, getting hit, or by pressing A/B.

Down B - Deal With It

The Dude puts on his shades and bizarrely gets a 10% increase in his speed and strength. However, his defense is weaker as the shades are on. The boost the shades give lasts for 15 seconds. You can remove the shades by pressing down+B (leaves him open for .75 seconds) or by taking enough damage. If The Dude's KO'd while he has on his shades, he still wears them at the start of the next stock.

Final Smash - Drugged Nightmare

Jackie Treehorn offers the nearest opponent a White Russian. As the opponent drinks it, his/her health is replenished, but at half as much as The Dude's when he drinks one. The opponent then becomes drowsy and falls into a deep sleep. The opponent is then in a pitch black screen which is basically the normal stage when it's dark like in CD-i Ganon's final smash (YTPGuy17's vesion). A bunch of people in red suits then run around, snipping their giant scissors. They follow the opponent around no matter what. You need to be aware of where all the pits are in the stage you're fighting at. The final smash ends after 20 seconds, when the opponent falls down a pit, or when the opponent's decapitated.


KOSFX1: "No!"

KOSFX2: *spits*

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Well--"


Up: "I'm The Dude, man."

Sd: "How do you spell Jehovah?"

Dn: smokes some marijuana

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "I've had a rough day and I hate the fucking Eagles!"

2. "I can't be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man."

3. "Well, The Dude abides." walks away

Failure/Clap: Mouth agape at his burning car

Standard Attacks


Snake Codec


Character Description

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Classic Mode


Role in SSE



Colors & Costumes


Victory Theme

Incredible Crisis - Opening Theme


White Russian


  • The Dude is mostly inspired by Jeff Dowd, a member of the anti-war radical group the Seattle Liberation Front (The Dude tells Maude Lebowski during the film that he was one of the Seattle Seven, who were members of the SLF).
  • The Big Lebowski was referenced in certain animated series, mostly ones Lauren Faust is involved with.
  • The full movie can be seen here: