Yuno appears a static sillhouette on the battlefield, then appears normally.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Knife Deflector

Yuno swings her knife around. In this state, she's unable to move. If you make direct contact with the front of her while she slashes, you'll obviously get hurt. Throw anything at her, and she deflects it in a random direction.

Side B - Rock Distraction

Yuno throws a rock, distracting the opponent rather than harming him/her. The length of the distraction time depends on how low one's IQ is.

Up B - Glomp Dive

Yuno jumps up and dives when she hugs an opponent. She'll be stuck to an opponent unless the opponent rapidly taps A to escape or if someone else attacks. Escaping won't do damage to Yuno.

Down B - Grenade Threat

Yuno gets out a grenade, and she can't move or cancel this move. Instead, one of the following will occur:

  • If she's hit, she throws the grenade at the opponent, doing 50% damage.
  • Press B and Yuno sets off the grenade as she holds it, harming her and anyone around her for the same amount of damage.

Final Smash - God Mode

Yuno becomes a god, causing a giant ball to lower. In that state, she controls like a slower Super Sonic. Anyone touching the giant ball gets hurt. If Yuno gets the ball to land directly on top of someone, it's an instant KO.


KOSFX1: *screams like a siren*

KOSFX2: "Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Star KOSFX: "Yunooooooo"

Screen KOSFX: "Yukkii!"


Up: *chuckles*

Sd: *laughs maniacally*

Dn: "I'm the only friend you need."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Note: If you hold down A and B, the opponent that lost will be replaced with the words "DEAD END"

1. "I'll protect you, Yukkii..."

2. "Because...Yukkii, if you get alone with this girl, you might fall in love with her."

3. *laughs maniacally as she sees the results and the opponent through televisions*

Failure/Clap: Insanity

Standard Attacks


Game Grumps Discussion

Danny Sexbang: "Arin, this giry's scaring the shit outta me."

Egoraptor: "Uhhhhh...shit."

Danny Sexbang: "Arin?"

Egoraptor: "Sorry, what?"

Danny Sexbang: "Arin, help me out, I don't know anything about this girl."

Egoraptor: "Um, that's Yuno. She's a yandere. Basically, she won't stop until she's murdered everyone. So, yeah, good luck with that."

Danny Sexbang: "Arin, you piece of shit, help me out here!"

Egoraptor: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Yuno Gasai: "Are you two talking about me?"

Egoraptor & Danny Sexbang: *scream*

Character Description


Classic Mode


Role in Lawl X Story Mode





  • Yuno's likely one of the first to have a special victory option.


Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno

Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno

Yuno's Diary: She now has her Lawl X moveset